Misconception and myths on yoga

Misconception and myths about yoga : yoga needs dedication, discipline, consistency..
22 April 2024 by
Nidhi Sharma
1. yoga is Only Physical exercise?

Yoga is not just physical exercise, yoga works on your physical mental and emotional well being. its not any exercise like people do in gym. yoga is the combination of asana ( Physical ), Pranayama (Breathing), relaxing poses (emotional, mental).

2. Yoga is Religious Practice?

Yoga is not religious practice, but practice to connect to yourself. A connection between body and soul. yoga help one in living life in better healthier way and can live longer, have good control on self.

3. Yoga is easy?

There is no comparison with yoga and other for of workout. yoga starts from removing dirt from body, in terms of clearing thoughts, clearing bad habits to detoxify physical body, trust me it is not easy task. we just know asana poses in the name of yoga, which not the start & end. yoga need techniques and correct methods, in the eyes of a yoga teacher. yoga needs dedication, discipline, consistency.

4. Yoga is for flexible people?

Yoga is not only for people who can touch the floor without bending knees. it doesn't require perfection, but with time you can see your body have become more flexible then earlier. Flexibility is just one feature, yoga includes breathing practice also and 80% of people do wrong breathing, does this mean they o write to breath?

5. Yoga is not your part?

yoga is part of everyday life. you should adopt 15 to 30 mints yoga habit in your daily routine with pure intensions. yoga is a habit to change your life. 

Nidhi Sharma 22 April 2024
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